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Look What Our Clients Are Doing for Wellness

Premier Healthcare School Supply Drive

School Supply Drive

During the month of August, Premier Healthcare held a school supply drive at each of its locations. This resulted in over 400 pounds of school supplies donated to The Teachers Warehouse in Bloomington. The Teachers Warehouse provides free school supplies to teachers in Monroe and Owen county. This allows for teachers to access supplies that they would otherwise have had to purchase with their own money, or to provide supplies for a student who may not have all that he or she needs to be successful and actively participate in the classroom.

Premier Healthcare Yoga

Free "Introduction to Yoga" classes

Premier Healthcare is addressing Stress Management in September and as part of that initiative have offered FREE 'Introduction to Yoga' classes at the workplace. This class, taught by certified instructor, Jennifer Bailey RN, is appropriate for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners. Yoga provides relaxation and attention to self through the focus on breathing, as well as gentle stretching and core body strengthening with traditional poses. Partnered with Stress Management education sessions throughout the month, Premier Healthcare is emphasizing mental as well as physical health for their employees.

Premier Healthcare

Food Drive

As part of its focus on Community Health, Premier Healthcare had a food drive in June to support the Hoosier Hills Food Bank. To encourage participation, Becky Joest, COO provided a challenge. Any department within Premier Healthcare that could donate enough food to ‘wall her in’ would be able to give her a pie in the face. The Bloomington Endoscopy Center took this to heart and donated A LOT of food! In total, Premier Healthcare raised 412 pounds of food. As leaders in the health provider community, Premier Healthcare understands and demonstrates that the health of the community is vital to the health of any organization.

Healthcare Photo

5 on 5 Healthy Eating Challenge

Premier Healthcare employees participated in a ‘5 on 5 Healthy Eating Challenge’ in March. Employees split into teams of five, chose creative names, and then started eating healthy and earning points. Participants received points for healthy eating activities. Weekly team points were reported and the team who had the most points that week got a healthy snack as a reward. The overall winning team was ‘5 Peas In A Pod’, shown here. Premier Healthcare incentivizes their employees’ participation in health and wellness activities through payroll contributions for meeting certain levels of achievement throughout the year.

Oliver Winery Live Well logo

Congratulations to Oliver Winery's Live Well Program

In November, Oliver Winery’s Live Well Program was recognized as a Gold Level Recipient of the American Heart Association’s Fit-Friendly Worksites Recognition program.

The Fit-Friendly Worksites program is a catalyst for positive change. Worksites throughout the nation can be part of the initiative by making the health and wellness of their employees a priority. Oliver Winery’s Live Well Program was recognized as a Gold Level Fit-Friendly Worksite by the American Heart Association’s My Heart. My Life. initiative for:

  • Offering employees physical activity support.
  • Providing/increasing healthy eating options at the worksite.
  • Promoting a wellness culture.
  • Implementing at least nine criteria as outlined by the American Heart Association in the areas of physical activity, nutrition and culture.

To discuss how your workplace can work toward this designation, contact Jodi Hoagland, Wellness Coordinator at Bill C. Brown Associates at:

Oliver Winery Photo

Heart Healthy Pitch-In & Recipe Swap

Oliver Winery’s ‘Live Well’ team hosted a ‘Heart Healthy Pitch-In & Recipe Swap’ in February as part of their focus on Heart Health. Employees were encouraged to bring in a heart healthy dish (including the recipe) to share for lunch. Recipe cards were provided so that everyone could leave with new heart healthy recipes in hand as well as a full tummy. Oliver Winery’s event is a terrific example of a comprehensive approach to wellness including the psychosocial aspect of sharing time with colleagues.

Oliver Winery 'Live Well' 
Team 5K photo

5K For Literacy

Oliver Winery's 'Live Well' Team recently completed the Bloomington 5K for Literacy. This annual event supports Teacher's Warehouse, a not-for-profit organization that provides free classroom materials to teachers in Monroe and surrounding counties. Having a team event not only promotes physical activity, but is a great opportunity to share camaraderie and fellowship outside of the office walls. Including family and friends, as well as co-workers, helps to extend the community of wellness.

Oliver Winery Photo

Blood Drive & Bone Marrow Registry

'Oliver Winery's 'Live Well' team sponsored a Blood Drive and Bone Marrow Registry event at their work-site in July. The Indiana Blood Center's Blood Mobile pulled into the parking lot and allowed employees to donate conveniently before returning to work. BWell managed the Bone Marrow Registry which consists of a non-invasive cheek swab and registration form. This allows individuals to enlist as potential donors for a child or adult requiring stem cell transplant due to blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. Promoting community wellness and having the opportunity to save a life.....all while at work!'

Bloomington Township Fire Department

Flexibility and Core Body Strength

Flexibility and Core Body Strength are important for all, but none more so than firefighters. The potentially unsafe, physically strenuous, and variable conditions that firefighters find themselves in requires strength and flexibility to avoid injury. Bloomington Township Fire Department had their firefighters participate in an education session focused on flexibility, yoga, and core body strengthening. Allowing the firefighters to demonstrate and work through various stretches, yoga poses, and strengthening exercises allowed everyone the advantage of practicing as well as observing the workout.

Clendening, Johnson, and 
Bohrer Photo

Ergonomics & Back Care Presentation

Clendening, Johnson, and Bohrer Law Firm held an educational presentation on Ergonomics & Back Care for their attorneys and staff. Dr. Kyle True, DC joined Jodi Hoagland, RN in presenting this interactive event which included information on Ergonomics at Work and Home, Lifting Techniques, Back and Neck exercises to offset the stress of sitting for long periods of time, and Core Body Strengthening for overall back health. All participants were able to observe and practice stretching and strengthening exercises as well as have a review of their work station if they desired.

Industrial Fibertech Photo

Onsite Biometric Screening and Health Assessments

Industrial Pallet (American Fibertech) provided onsite Biometric Screening and Health Assessments for their employees in May. Each employee, after registering, had their blood pressure, height, weight, and body mass index checked then had a fingerstick blood test to check cholesterol, HDL, and glucose. With those results in hand, each employee then completed an online health assessment. Upon completion the employees were eligible for a $75 gift card to one of over 100 retailers. The BWell program at Bill C. Brown Associates provided bilingual volunteers for the primarily Spanish speaking employees at one location.

Tasus Corporation Splash & Dash photo

5K Splash & Dash

July 2015 TASUS Corporation Bloomington Wellness Team planned a 5K Splash & Dash. All employees and family members were invited to participate in a ‘nearly 5K’ walk/run/bike trail around Karst Farm Park. Various employees were at locations along the trail to cheer participants. At the completion, there was a cookout with TASUS Corporation providing the grilling meat and supplies and employees bringing side items. Prizes were donated and drawings were held throughout the morning also. After the picnic, kids went to the Splash Pad and enjoyed some water fun and the adults were able to relax and visit. 60 Employees participated in the day which incorporated physical activity as well as social wellness and is a fine example of how with a small budget and a few volunteers, an entire corporate family can share a day of outdoor fun and play.

Tasus Corporation 5K Color Run photo

Jill Behrman Color Run

Tasus Corporation sponsored a team for the 2013 Jill Behrman 5K Color Run. Tasus employees walked, ran, and laughed together as they were covered in bright colors at different points along the track. Participation in local events not only encourages physical activity but helps connect corporations and their employees with the community at large. Tasus has had an involved Wellness Team for many years and continues to look for new and innovative ways to engage their employees in health and wellness.

Curry Auto Movement and Flexibility photo

Movement and Flexibility

Curry Auto Center employees got an upper body workout using chopsticks as conductor wands and 'conducting' The Theme from Star Wars. Activities such as this promote flexibility and balance while engaging both sides of the brain through music and motion. Studies have shown these types of exercises to increase learning and improve memory. It was certainly memorable as well as being a great stress management tool as individuals laughed and played along with the music.

Industrial Fibertech Photo

Fresh Fruit Friday

Curry Auto Center recently provided a Fresh Fruit Friday event for their employees. Owner, Cary Curry wanted to promote nutrition and treat his employees at the same time and reached out to BWell for assistance. 20 minutes of shopping, 45 minutes of prep, and $54 later, the employees of Curry Auto Center enjoyed a beautiful, delicious, healthy Friday treat. It was such a success that the intent is to make this a regular monthly event. This is a terrific example of how a small investment of money and time can bring exponential value to employees in morale, health, and camaraderie.

Big Red Liquors Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn

Big Red Liquors offered a Lunch and Learn education event to their employees in July. The topic was Men & Women's Health Issues: The Similarities and Disparities of the Genders. Discussion regarding the differences in men and women related to heart disease, cancer risk, bone health, mental health, and aging was covered. Management provided a healthy lunch and employees were able to learn about how to minimize their risk for certain health conditions based on their gender but also what they need to know about the health risks of their spouse and/or children. Big Red Liquors has committed to a comprehensive wellness program for their employees and onsite education is just one component of that program.

Harrell-Fish Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn: Stress Management

Harrell-Fish, Incorporated offered their employees a Lunch & Learn education session on Stress Management in July. While eating a healthy lunch provided by the management, employees were able to learn how stress impacts their physical and mental health, tips and tricks to manage daily stress, and how to develop effective coping mechanisms. There was much discussion during and after the presentation regarding this relevant topic and changes that each of us could implement to decrease our stress levels.

Human Services, Inc. Salad Bar Photo

Salad Bowl Lunch Days

Human Services, Inc. has initiated Salad Bowl Lunch Days for their employees. Each employee bring one salad item such as tomatoes, cheese, dressing, cucumbers, etc. to share and then they create their own salad bar. This is an excellent way to provide an affordable, healthy lunch and to encourage nutritious eating at the workplace. Everyone has the chance to build their perfect salad, share some time with co-workers (not discussing work), and all for the cost of one salad topping! Consider offering this at your next company meeting, or instituting on a regular basis at your worksite.