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Bill C. Brown Bloomington Offices

Staff Directory

For half a century, the strength of our firm has been derived from experienced, reputable agents who earnestly care about serving our clients and helping them achieve their life’s financial goals. This year, we introduce you to new members of our team and invite you to meet the changing face of Bill C. Brown Associates.

Mary Endris (1 year)
Assistant to Eugene Kim

Jason Haenning (9 years)
Account Manager

Teri Hendricks (1 year)
Administrative Specialist

Leslie Hoffman* (15 years)
Assistant to Jeff Huston

Susie Ingram (21 years)
Chief Process Officer

Becky Lucas (23 years)
Assistant to Mark Oyler

C. Scott Orbaugh (14 years)
Benefits Consultant

Connie Ritchie (33 years)

Tiffany Scott (3 years)
Client Services Assistant

Clint Swan (4 years)
Group Operations Coordinator

Jennifer Tumey (7 years)
Account Manager

Mary Wootton (23 years)
Agency Assistant