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Making Your Family Our Family

Many individuals are faced with providing their own health insurance, whether they are self-employed, between jobs, or work for a company that does not offer benefits. Bill C. Brown Associates provides an array of health insurance options with a wide selection of co-pays and deductibles. Individuals can choose a plan that is suitable for them.

What We Offer

Throughout your lifetime, you and your family will likely face many changes and challenges. From marriage to mortgage to maturity, Bill C. Brown offers a spectrum of insurance strategies to provide financial security in case of the unexpected and to meet the financial challenges you’ll face in every stage of your life.

Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Disability Insurance


About Us

We have been providing individual health insurance for over 50 years. While we work with several quality insurance companies, we represent the client and focus on making a suitable recommendation based on each individual’s specific needs. Learn more.