What People are Saying about Bill C. Brown Associates † Our Clients

In our company, we believe with every day, every call, and every transaction it is our responsibility to WOW our customers! That is exactly how we feel the Bill C. Brown Associates team treats us! They WOW us with their dedication, responsiveness and commitment to us as their customer.
I have worked with Bill C. Brown Associates since 1997. I value the integrity and intelligence that they bring to the world of insurance. We appreciate having their experience and leadership so that we, as a business, can coordinate these important benefits for our employees.
Exceeding the customer's expectations may be a catch phrase, but my experience with the Bill C. Brown Associates team has been just that. It's important that our employees' best interests are always at the forefront of my decision making, and my relationship with the Bill C. Brown Associates team has always insured just that with trust and integrity.
It is without hesitation that I can recommend Bill C. Brown Associates. They are always readily available. Always doing the often tedious hard work to ensure we are getting the best product for our teams at a competitive price. On more than one occasion we have had need for urgent attention and gotten it, including, once (that I am aware of – there may be others), from the owner who was out of state, on the weekend, and vacationing with his family. It would be hard to expect that kind of attention and I cannot remember an occasion in my 30 year career when I was more impressed with a genuine desire to “be there” for us, especially at the highest level.
For the past 40 years I have had the privilege to work with Bill C. Brown Associates for both my business and personal insurance needs. I can sum up their approach to us with one word "compassionate". They have always treated me, and more importantly, my employees professionally and with compassion in every situation.
We at the TIS Group appreciate their commitment to us as their clients, to excellence in the insurance industry and their generous contributions to our community.
PRD, Inc. has been working with Bill C. Brown Associates for over two decades for medical, life and voluntary insurance. Their commitment to service is second to none. We at PRD strive to give our employees the best plan options at the most economical cost. The staff at Bill C. Brown Associates work tirelessly on our behalf to accomplish this.
For nearly 30 years, we have put our trust in Bill C. Brown Associates. We are always impressed with the attention to detail and customer service provided by Bill C. Brown Associates. Whether for our personal or business needs, they are prompt to respond to questions, proactive with recommendations and keep us on track with our insurance needs.
When it comes to employee benefits, I appreciate the valuable experience and resources provided by the Bill C. Brown Associates team. Their service level and support is second to none and their honest approach to presenting options contributes to making the right long term decisions for the company and our employees.
We have been with Bill C. Brown Associates for over 10 years. The Bill C. Brown Associates team is highly professional, trustworthy and very experienced. The business is run with high integrity and exceptional customer service. They look out for their clients and what is best for their situation. I would highly recommend Bill C. Brown Associates.
Health insurance is one of our largest "line items". We could not ask for a better team to represent Commercial Service. We are very grateful that the Bill C. Brown Associates team is always available when needed.
I wish to express my gratitude for the relationship we have with Bill C. Brown Associates. The team has time and time again exceeded my expectations with courteous and knowledgeable service. They are always seeking what is in our best interest as an organization and genuinely care. Thank you for all that you do!
Our relationship with the Bill C. Brown Associates team dates back many years. Exceeding all expectations is consistently the "norm" and to receive anything but the highest quality of service is unheard of. Taking care of our employees' insurance needs is extremely important to us, and with Bill C. Brown Associates, we know that we will always be able to offer the most competitive options. We are able to do this with complete confidence with the knowledge that Bill C. Brown Associates provides.