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Life Insurance Available for All Chamber Members

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Chamber Members with 15+ Employees

Chamber Members with 15+ employees may offer Guaranteed Issue life insurance (no medical questions or exam) to employees working 20+ hours per week.

Spouses (age 18 - 60) working 20+ hours per week outside the home qualify for $25,000 Guaranteed Issue coverage if the employee enrolls or $15,000 Guaranteed Issue if the employee waives. Spouses (age 18-60) working fewer than 20 hours per week may apply for up to $50,000 Simplified Issue coverage (basic medical questions and no exam).

The optional Guaranteed Issue Child Term Rider covers all eligible children (ages 15 day - 18 years) for $10,000 each when attached to a parent's policy for $1 per week.

Simplified Issue underwriting (basic medical questions and no exam) applies for all coverage amounts above the Guaranteed Issue limit and applicants who waived coverage when initially offered.

Chamber Members with 5-14 Employees

Chamber Members with 5-14 employees may offer Simplified Issue life insurance (up to $200,000 total with basic medical questions and no exam) to employees working 20+ hours per week at the time of the employee's initial offer.