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Education Sessions

Use the lunch hour to bring relevant health and wellness information to your employees. Engaging, informative and interactive presentations help your employees increase their knowledge and understanding of important health topics. Examples of favorite sessions include: Stress Management, Nutrition, Healthy Sleep, and Heart Health. Any health topic is a possibility!

Onsite Ask A Nurse

Confidential one-on-one consultations with a Registered Nurse allow your employees an opportunity to ask questions about medications, obtain assistance with a provider referral, have a blood pressure check, or receive information on a specific health topic while at work.

Health Screenings

Coordination of resources to provide onsite health screenings for your employees at an affordable price point assists in determining a baseline for health data which can then direct future wellness activities.

Health Care - Wellness Integration

Understanding the incentives for wellness programs through National Health Care Reform is more critical than ever. ‘B Well’ can provide a benefit plan analysis and help your organization determine how to incentivize your wellness plan and reward good health behaviors.

Employee Surveys

The development, implementation and analysis of Employee Health Surveys can provide valuable information as to what initiatives are most likely to engage your employees and give your organization the best potential return on investment. Post-initiative surveys provide feedback as to the effectiveness and impact of wellness interventions and assist in future program planning.