Valuable Information for Our ClientsFrequently Asked Questions

What type of health insurance does Bill C. Brown Associates sell?

Due to the recent changes in the Individual Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace options with several major carriers (Anthem, UHC, IU Health Plan) deciding not to offer options, we do not presently represent any Exchange options. However, we are happy to be a reference to the few available options or you can visit for information and available options.

What products do you represent?

We provide all forms of life, dental, disability and long-term care insurance.  We also provide retirement planning, college education funding strategies and represent a variety of mutual fund families such as American Funds as well as fixed, variable and index annuities.

How much life insurance do I really need?

This is a personal decision.  Some people may require large amounts of life insurance while the next person may not need any coverage.  We will be happy to discuss all viable options with you without any obligation.  A Bill C. Brown Associates agent can meet with you to discuss your personal situation and help you determine a level that may be suitable for you and your family.  Through the years, our agency has developed its own CNA (Cash Needs Analysis) to help anyone determine a suitable amount of death benefit.  This exercise is well suited for anyone regardless of age and socioeconomic status.

Who needs disability insurance?

Would you need to receive income on a regular basis if you are injured or have an illness and cannot work?  Disability insurance would replace a part of your income as long as you meet the definition of disability.  Benefits could continue up to age 65 or SSNRA (Social Security Nearest Retirement Age).

Who needs Long-Term Care funding options?

Long-term care protection can be secured to help make sure that the significant costs of long-term care (home health care or nursing home care) can be absorbed to save the retirement assets that each client has accumulated. 

Why do I need to plan for my retirement? Won't the government or my company take care of me when I am older?

Every day you postpone your retirement planning can have a huge long-lasting impact on your financial stability in the future.  Regardless of someone’s Social Security projections, there is often a need to add to or supplement Social Security with each person’s own retirement assets.  We recommend you start now.  Please call us so we can get you started on your retirement preparation.

Is there a cost to use your service?

Bill C. Brown Associates is often compensated by the carriers we represent if the products and services we represent are implemented.

Will you meet with us in person?

Absolutely!  We welcome you to come by our office or we will come to you.  To ensure a representative is available to meet with you, please call or email to make an appointment.  Phone calls and emails are always welcome.  Please refer to our agent directory for specific email addresses.